White Magnolia Collection: Dreamy eighteenth-century headdresses !!

White Magnolia Collection

Dreamy eighteenth-century headdresses !!

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White Magnolia Collection

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White Magnolia Headpieces Collection

The White Magnolia Collection is an eighteenth-century dream universe that takes  this collection inspired by the beautiful gardens of French palaces to the top.

Versailles with its gala dances, its receptions, its elegant dinners … its lavish dresses, delicate fluid fabrics and baroque wigs adorned with ideal headdresses, a nod to “Dangerous Liaisons” !!

We can see these characteristics without a doubt described in the Fan Supper, , XXL size headdress for a daring and groundbreaking hostess, with woven metal housing large Swarovski crystals crowning a hairstyle with tons of volume.

In a lighter version, the FAN OLIVIA  hairpiece gathers all its richness from the metal weaving that frames the face with a jeweled air that sparkles with sophistication.  

Another of our popular models, we can see volume represented in the Soleil Bouquet:Pleated organza textures are the creation of palatial court hats. This model has wide contours that combine floral ornaments with the finest silks.

And the MUST HAVE for any modern bride could not be missing in our collection! Our BRIGHTNESS COSMOS headdress, with a rigid structure in silver-plated metal with Swarovski crystals in those warm, warm accents, that blend smoothly between strands…

Take your time looking through this delightful collection of ideal looks !!  

The Designer's Opinion

“The White Magnolia Collection takes our company’s technical work to another level. Crafting metal pieces with silver threads forming imbricated textures, fans, braids, … “.

“A wide variety of ways to modernize the look of a pale complexion.  We add a touch of rock to with careful hairstyles and contrasting intense lipsticks.”

Colección White Magnolia


Fussion of haute couture and jewelry in high class Headpieces


Handmade sculptures for the most avant-garde designs !!!


Creating fashion attitude in women looks !!!

White Magnolia Collection

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