The Divas Collection: MONIC style of the 50’s

Divas Collection

MONIC style of the 50's

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Divas Collection

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Divas Headpieces Collection

The Divas Collection combines all the taste of  Hollywood, the aesthetic of the 50’s: with Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich as the stars of the show, combined with the fabulous nights of swing in the Cotton Club… Nina Simone and Louis Armstrong playing in the background.

We have headpieces like  TOULOUSE , an artistic inspiration based on Haute Couture, that we connect to the great classics, like Yves Saint Laurent, Elsa Schiaparelli or Balenciaga . These are constructed with satin cords, resulting in high quality and elegant headpieces.

We also want to highlight our crystal jewel headpieces: models like the RICHELIEU with texture from Swarovski crystals, a hallmark of our designs-combined with amethysts, quartz, jade, mother of pearl … or synthetic resins as seen in the ORLEANS.

And of course … innovating in the world of head bands we have the GILDA or MARLENE , set in crystal with enamel…a jewel for the head that will make you a star. Designs you can wear at a wedding, a party or even drinks after work! Our headpieces will turn a simple dress into a formal wedding outfit or help you be a hit at a party with Dolce Gabanna jeans and a top!

The Designer's Opinion

“Our company’s flagship collection clearly defines a new vision of the headpiece: it redesigns its use and forms a new idea of headpieces. A transformation that starts from the very beginning. “

“A very influential work since its debut that revolutionized the industry. Like with all great designs, the main lines are still relevant today. This is a vision of the headdress with vintage inspiration but under the MONIC stamp of the most modern avant-garde. ”

“The variety of fabrics, textures and nuances in one single collection is amazing.”



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Divas Collection

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