Our Company: History and Principles of MONIC

Our company began in 2004 with the firm objective of reinventing the Art of the Headpiece.

As MONIC Accessories began to grow, we returned to old traditions with a modern twist… and the first of our timeless headpieces was born.  Headpieces to be worn with elegance and distinction like gems in our clients’ wardrobes.

With the evolution of our work and the support from clients and collaborators, our company developed as the reference not only for headpieces but in the world of  women’s accessories. In recent seasons, our collections have grown and now include other accessories and dresses.

When MONIC Accessories was born in 2004 it wasn’t only a new brand, it was a clear and singular idea.  The difference was an artistic one where the headpiece became relevant and had an importance that until that moment had been unknown in Spain… and outside it’s borders.  An original and unique idea…a boom!!

The beginnings of the company were about investigation: shapes, structure, materials… MONIC was quickly granted the Swarovski stamp of quality for crystal work on our jeweled headpieces. And the standard for design with semi-precious stones, feathers and various fabrics was born.”

Because the brand was created before the upswing in headpieces “The brand became a national standard for accessories.” And now that they have become popular, they are considered a strategic definition of your look.”

As with most Haute Couture pieces “we work in an artisanal way”. We design a collection each season with exclusive designs for women all over the world.  It’s important to know a little about psychology to ensure women can feel confident in their look.

novia con tocado joya de cristal


Logo revista Vogue

“Accessories with architectural forms, give rise to headpieces and tiaras, where originality plays with sculpture.


Logo de Yo Dona (El Mundo)

“Tall headpieces: at MONIC they design and create accessories that are real works of art.”


Logo revista de modo Harpers Bazaar

“MONIC headpieces are timeless, like all beautiful things.  They are objects that should be passed down from generation to generation, like family jewels.”

The Collections of MONIC, our History

Each season MONIC surprises us with new collections combining shapes, various materials and always looking for new ideas. MONIC offers different styles and looks to inspire us when it’s time to freshen up our image and feel special.  Our company’s goal is to always offer the very best quality in our pieces.

MONIC collections are a trip through the evolution of design work… headed by  Mónica Díaz. From the innovative state-of-the-art headpieces full of fantasy like (Happy Summer Collection), to the elegance and subtlety of pure lines in the jeweled headpieces -a concept coined by MONIC- which is best seen in the (White Magnolia Collection). The accessories in the Divas Collection extend the elegance of the headpiece from formal ceremony to events. And the exploration of cutting edge materials for a confident woman can be seen in the Sissi Noit Collection. Finally, the inspiration of a retro look inspired in the aesthetic of the 50s and adapted to the modern day is crystallized in the Lady Girl Collection.

These collections are layered with custom orders from our clients, from theater and ballet companies, ad campaigns and film productions. In collaboration with the most prestigious Bridal Fashion Houses, as well as Couturiers and well-known Designers, MONIC pieces have a stamp of distinction that leaves no one indifferent.  The simple act of getting dressed becomes an event that leaves a memorable imprint.

The pieces created at MONIC have deep artistic roots, supported by the visual arts training of the designer. With a special philosophy of striving to make each piece unique. The MONIC team that gives life to these magic pieces, carefully takes care of each detail as though it were a fine drawing, painting or sculpture.

 Alternating the strength of sculpture with the sensitivity of fashion, MONIC pieces prove that all artistic endeavors have the greatest quality of design and are able to breathe life into these exquisite pieces to dress your head.

tocado de cristal para recogido de novia
tocado escultura con pelo suelto
joya tocado para el pelo de invitada fiesta