Mother of the Bride Collection: Revisiting classics for a modern Mother of the Bride

The Mother of the Bride Collection

Revisiting classics for a modern Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride Collection

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Mother of the Bride Headpieces Collection

The Mother of the Bride collection is inspired by the greatest icons of our collective imagination.  Women who never lost any of their inspirational allure . Tippi Hedren always fabulous with the incredible nipped in waist.  Or Grace Kelly in one of her classic looks for a formal occasion. Or even Jackie Kennedy without a doubt the greatest example of style. 

Revisiting classics, we have created designs with contemporary style that will be the perfect complement for a modern Mother of the Bride.  

Headpieces in a Pillbox style, like the JACKIE, with or without a veil that can be worn open or closed.  Lined with silk taffeta with or without flowers, these styles are ideal for combining with a classic Mother of the Bride look like the Carolina Herrera, Jesús del Pozo

For Mothers of the Bride who are more expressive and forthright, the softer headpieces like  TRIPLE CRIN ANEMONA, or TRIPLE CRIN CHANTILLI bring rich textures: sophisticated yet respectful silhouettes. 

Then there are more discreet headpieces like FLOR LATERAL , with cascades of crystals worn in the the hair and adorned with textured silk flowers.

The Designer's Opinion

“Our Mother of the Bride Collection was born to give contemporary and modern Mothers of the Bride everything they need for the day they wear a distinguished and elegant headpiece.  This gorgeous collection delivers the necessary formality for the occasion while staying as modern as possible and not losing style.“

Tocados Madrina


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Mother of the Bride Collection

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