Portfolio MONIC: The Art of Headpieces in the MONIC world !!

MONIC Portfolio

The universe MONIC in the art of Headpieces !

Available upon request

The MONIC portfolio of collections shows the expertise of all our collections since the very beginnings of the company. These are available only as custom orders.  

The collection on these pages is a compilation of all the MONIC classics since our company began.  The MONIC idea began in 2004 and since then, the design team has presented new products with our seal of identity: exclusive creativity, and timeless lines with unique pieces.

In this collection, we have products from our most popular lines like bridal headpieces , headpieces for the Mother of the Bride and headpieces for guests. You will also find pieces from our pure MONIC style dress and accessories .

Our portfolio isn’t available for online purchasing.  If you are interested in any of these pieces, get in touch with us and our designers will look into making this possible for you.  We do custom orders for lots of our clients.

Use our collections as MONIC inspiration! 

In the MONIC collections you will not necessarily find the trends for each season, but our company’s promise of a personal, handmade and unique piece… that is the hallmark of our brand.


invitada fiesta con tocado flores y pelo suelto

The Divas Collection combines all the taste of  Hollywood, the aesthetic of the 50’s: with Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich as the stars of the show, combined with the fabulous nights of swing in the Cotton Club… Nina Simone and Louis Armstrong playing in the background.

invitada de fiesta con tocado negro de cristal y pelo recogido

In this Sissi Noit Collection we seek to contribute with our design not only form but also new ways of using headpieces. In this collection we use napa leather accessories combined with Swarovski, crystals, which are a challenge to the classic bandeau … We have models that coordinate perfectly with more casual, informal and even sporty hairstyles, with pigtails, gelled hairstyles and more sporty or casual garments, such as the collections of Karen Miller o Bimba y Lola.

tocado pillbox cristal invitada pelo recogido

The White Magnolia Collection is an eighteenth-century dream universe that takes  this collection inspired by the beautiful gardens of French palaces to the top.

Versailles with its gala dances, its receptions, its elegant dinners … its lavish dresses, delicate fluid fabrics and baroque wigs adorned with ideal headdresses, a nod to “Dangerous Liaisons” !!

The Happy Summer Collection is the essence of fantasy and freshness in Monic Headpieces. A youthful and fantastic collection with a solid artistic foundation created by Monic headpieces.  

Picturesque animals like  Lady Gaga, or Beyoncé and celebs who have mastered their own style like  Sara Jessica Parker inspire us so this collection provides some real beauties!

The Dress Collections of MONIC Swing Star (Party and Wedding Guest) and White Star (Bride) are made up of a set of garments designed according to high company standards with elegance, versatility and pure lines.

The cuts, fabrics and range of colors make garments that are real wardrobe basics ; they are elegant solutions to parties, formal or casual. 

Both collections have been the hit of the season and now we also make them available online! You will find wonderful opportunities to wear the MONIC outfit of your dreams.