Lady Girl Collection: Captivating and sophisticated MONIC Headpieces

Lady Girl Collection

Captivating and sophisticated

Lady Girl Collection

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Lady Girl Headpieces Collection

The Lady Girl Collection is dedicated to today’s modern woman: feminine, innovative, flirtatious, sensitive, dreamy, romantic, fun, genuine.  She wants things to happen, she likes to dress for the occasion, be independent by choice, travel, discover. For her, dreaming about the impossible is a past time, part angel, part femme fatale.

In this collection, we find captivating and sophisticated headpieces that can be simple, like the  OLIVIA BROCHE; as well as more exceptional and sensational pieces like the OLIVIA BARROC . Ideal to combine with fabulous dresses is the  Hannibal Laguna, or ORLEANS MINI, and for more modern outfits we offer the Juan Vidal or The 2nd Skin.

We also have designs with more classic lines like the headpiece  TIARA OLIVIA, and ideal for romantic and timeless looks like the Teresa Helbig,

The entire collection is designed with crystals, a tradition of ours, that continues to be our star material. In this case we use texture and interwoven scales, as can be seen in the VENDOME CRISTAL headpiece.  We have also combined it with chantilly lace in BANDO ENCAJE.

We adore styles with brushed waves.  Remembering the ever elegant Katherine Hepburn brought to life, who would have no doubt worn a headpiece like the ESCALERA ROMBO in an elegant scene with Cary Grant..

The Designer's Opinion

“If we combined Marlene Dietrich, with Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Audrey Hepburn, we would have today’s  LADY GIRL.“

“Lady Girl gives off an allure wherever she goes and this collection all our accessories and headpieces are the key pieces for setting the stage of our modern girl.”



Modelo con tocado corona de metal, chaqueta blanca y lencería en luz de mañana


Pure ART-decó !!


Fantastic and vibrant !!


Return to Hollywood: glamorous looks  !!

Lady Girl Collection

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