Beautiful Swing Collection: Headpieces that let you shine like a star

Beautiful Swing Collection

Pieces to let you shine like a star

Beautiful Swing Collection

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Beautiful Swing Headpieces Collection

The Beautiful Swing Collection is our most romantic collection to date. All our designs are made with the modern woman in mind.  A woman who appreciates dressing well and classic design but is up-to-date on fashion trends.

For her, we have created this collection of exceptional headpieces that will lend a bit of magic to any wedding outfit, either for the bride or a party guest.

Our Jeweled Headpieces are carefully made by hand.  In this collection you can see traditional jewelry making techniques like beautiful settings with traditional shapes, silver welding, 24k gold plating and endless high-end techniques to create exclusive designs. With the passage of time, we’re confident our designs will prove to be everlasting classics.

These designs are ideal for either a church wedding or a more informal ceremony.  Perfect with a form-fitting dress or a more traditional silhouette, our headpieces will be key to your overall look… adding a beautiful touch of elegance around the face. We have thought of every detail so the design can set the scene and will  become the perfect companion on your special day!

This collection ranges from more simple pieces (Racine Strass Line)  that will give you a festive look to gorgeous complex designs  (Richelieu Gold) in which size gives the headpiece importance.  We even have designs like the Diadema Opalo, which has jewels that give the piece depth. This is without a doubt a whimsical piece that gives the feeling of  FIESTA!

The Designer's Opinion

“This collection has tremendous surprises:  we have innovated technically by adding new components and processes to our headpieces, all the while wanting to create enduring and timeless pieces that add value to your personal image and enduring over time.”

“…  you know the piece works when you notice the satisfaction and confidence of your client when she tries her headpiece on.  Our mission is for the headpiece to be the key that contributes to that feeling.”

“In this collection of bridal headpieces we have worked with new materials and design concepts based on the classic MONIC jeweled headpiece, which is what our clients most appreciate in our company.” 

“The representative headpieces for guests are also based on the classic but always avant-garde concepts of MONIC: the MONIC jeweled headpieces with which our clients add a wonderful touch to their looks.” 



Tocado Joya Novia metal hilos plata cristal Swarovski - Monic


Serene and Calm


with a touch of Boho-Chic !!


Designs of Haute Couture !!

Beautiful Swing Collection

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