Sissi Noit Collection: Strong headpieces for modern women

Sissi Noit Collection

Strong headpieces for modern women

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Sissi Noit Collection

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Sissi Noit Headpieces Collection

In Sissi Noit Collection we want our designs to have new shapes but also provide a new way of wearing headpieces. In this collection, we use Napa leather  combined with Swarovski, crystals, which are a new interpretation of the classic headband … We have models that coordinate perfectly with more casual, informal and even sporty hairstyles, with pigtails, gelled hairstyles and more sporty or casual garments, such as the collections of Karen Miller o Bimba y Lola.

In the Sissi Noit Collection we have metal nets that combine  glass with multicolored textiles in colored silk that brighten any guest’s look at a special party or wedding. Our best example is the RED BRIGHTNESS COSMOS,  a headpiece that will work beautifully with anything from a structured dress by Amaya Arzuaga to a romantic or more boho-chic design by Hoss Intropía.

From the return of the flat hat to the maxi horsehair volumed pieces, splendid groups of floral bouquets, as seen in the ROSE LINE HAT, challenging the space to brighten any look of fitted silhouette, straight lines and clean, as it could be a model by Adolfo Domínguez.

Making the most of braids, with unexpected volumes in vertical construction, always made with the best materials, napa leather and natural silk, cristal Swarovski, silver thread …

The Designer's Opinion

“A collection designed for a modern woman, a determined woman, a woman with attitude, daring, goal oriented, a bit of a biker-type and of course, intensely feminine.

“Irreverence and strong style are key to this sexy sophistication…a must have for Olivia Palermo.”

Colección Sissi Noit


New uses of the classical accessorizes


For high performance looks !!


Always with challenge attitude !!

Sissi Noit Collection

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