445  VAT incl


445  VAT incl

Diadema Opalo Navette: Party Touch!

This beautiful bridal headpiece is a 24k gold plated design with Swarovski crystals. A jeweled headpiece that will add the magical touch of party to your wedding as well as class and elegance. It is carefully made by hand in our workshop and you can choose between 5 finishes, depending on what you want to match: (in order shown): 1. Gold / 2. Vintage Silver / 3. Classic Silver / 4. Opal-Silver / 5. Opal-Gold (shown on the model).

This headpiece will look amazing if you coordinate with matching earrings, designed exclusively for this model!

Delivery time: 10 days. Specify in your order the desired finish in the comments field.


Diadema Opalo Navette : Queen of the Night

This wonderful headpiece brings the bride a formal touch for the ceremony and the sophisticated touch for the reception! This design has it all: classic, formal and elegant, stylish and sophisticated. It adapts perfectly like a headband and it can also be placed on the forehead like a headband, which looks amazing! It’s a design for both day and night! You can also combine it with fitted dresses as well as ballroom styles.

In the Opal finish, the glass is smaller and matte. You can see the detail of the opal in the earrings. If you want to customize the color or shape of this model, just ask us about our custom designs!


Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 11 × 4.5 cm

Tocado Joya y Cristal (Jeweled Headpiece)


Oros (Golden), Platas (Silver) y Bronces (Bronze)


Mediano (Medium)


Boda (Wedding)


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