395  VAT incl


395  VAT incl

Gold Richelieu: Extreme Romaticism

This exquisite bridal headpiece is ideal as a timeless romantic look: timeless flowers combine the subtlety of mother-of-pearl, with the bohemian sparkle of crystal or the metal petals with ceramic roses. Floral components are arranged in a micro crystal headband. This is a sensational cheerful look, ultra feminine and romantic.

Your perfect partner for dresses with volume and excellent with slim silhouettes and gauzy dresses. However you wear it, it will be your crowning glory! And now, combine with the best earrings in the world, designed exclusively for this model!

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Gold Richelieu : Sumptuousness and maximum elegance

With its elastic support, this bridal jewel headpiece can be worn with gathered hairstyles, romantic braids, ponytails and super trendy with loose hair. Those who have short hair can also wear this, it looks great, honest! Made with silver metal thread. Sturdy but flexible when worn.

Available in gold. If you would like another color don’t hesitate to contact us about a custom order!

Availability: delivery in a week.


Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 11 × 4.5 cm

Tocado Joya y Cristal (Jeweled Headpiece)


Oros (Golden), Platas (Silver) y Bronces (Bronze)


Mediano (Medium)


Boda (Wedding)


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